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Solar Panels

These determine how much power your system generates. Expect about 4-5 sun hours per day e.g. 5KW solar panels should generate about 20-25kWh energy per day.



Inverters determine maximum load your system can handle. For example a 6kW inverter could carry 4 ACs and other small household appliances.



Battery capacity determines how much power can be stored and how long your load can run. e.g. 28kWh LiFePO4 battery will run 2 ACs (1KW each) for 14 hours.

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10 Year Warranty

Our installations come with 10 Year Warranty. A testament to the high quality we deliver!

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Quality Installation

Our clean installations come with quality industry standard circuit protections.

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Competitive Pricing

Our packages are priced to deliver quality at low prices. We entertain price-matching.

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Skilled Professionals

Our lead engineers are experts with graduate degrees in the field.

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Pay As You Go

We offer affordable monthly payment options for eligible businesses.

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Scalable Systems

Our systems scale up to 250KW for commercial/industrial applications.

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Solar Panels


Battery Banks




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