Warranty Period

10 Year warranty on all installed systems by Premium Solar Engineering Ltd.

Extra 5 Year Extension to 15 years warranty available at time of purchase for an extra fee.

The warranty period begins on the day installation is completed by Premium Solar Engineering Ltd. It covers defects in products and workmanship but not failures due to customer modifications.

Premium Solar Engineering Ltd. will immediately replace failing systems on a pro-rated basis after 5 years. This means we will fix or replace failing devices at anytime during the first 5 years of warranty and unconditionally cover the unused period of the next 5 years (i.e. years 6-10) towards the purchase of a replacement product at the current sale price. For example, if a device fails at exactly 6 years after installation, the customer still has 4 years left on the FREE 10 year warranty; as a result, Premium Solar will cover 40% the current cost of the replacement device while customer pays the remaining 60%.

​The Solar panels come with a 30 year linear manufacturer warranty. Details are included on the solar panel page. Installation of a replacement is free on all our installed products

  • Proof of purchase may be required.
  • Warranty period does not restart after a replacement; the original warranty period holds.
  • Customers shall return the damaged product to receive warranty benefits.
  • Physical damages including fire and flood are not covered under this warranty.
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